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We service South Carolina & Western North Carolina



24 hour service available

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·       Off Road Diesel

·       On Road Diesel

·       Non Ethanol Gasoline

·       10% Ethanol Gasoline

·       Clear and Dyed Kerosene

·      Home Heating Oil

Specialty fueling:

·       Back-up Generators

·       Warehouse switchers

·       Plant fire pump systems

·       Yard cranes and lifts

·       Marine and Boats



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We specialize in fleet fueling, on-site fueling and jobsite fueling.

We have fuel cells and tanks of all sizes in order to meet your site demands.

“We bring the fuel to you!”

This will lower your company’s hourly expenses and fleet costs.

Call 864-439-7052

Let us take care of your fueling needs.

Email – info@eubanksoil.com